Brass Knuckle Tattoos

Over the years as brass knuckles have gained popularity in North America more and more brass knuckle tattoos can be seen. Whether you live in a rural town or in a major city, you’ve seen at least one person with a brass knuckle tattoo, if you’re thinking you haven’t, keep reading below and we’ll show you how well some of these brass knuckle tattoos are disguised and made inconspicuous. We’ll also go over some really neat brass knuckles tattoos, where you should get a brass knuckle tattoo and much more!


The Meaning Behind Brass Knuckle Tattoos

Let’s go over the meaning behind these brass knuckle tattoos and why people get them. The obvious reason that anybody would tattoo some knuckles is to show that they are tough and that they shouldn’t be messed with. This often leads to the unpleasant association that brass knuckle tattoos are for criminals, bikers, and thugs. This is often not the case, yes, these types of people do have these tattoos, but a lot of good and kind-hearted people also have these tattoos. But most times the meaning behind these tattoos varies based on the surrounding text/images if there are any. Look at the picture below, it features a plethora of weapons, baseball bats, razor blades and of course, brass knuckles, but the text is what gives this meaning, “Love Thy Neighbour”. This popular phrase insinuates that you should be good to your neighbours but don’t let them forget what your capable of. Like keep your friends close and your enemy’s closer.

Love Thy Neighbour Brass Knuckle Tattoo


Cool Brass Knuckle Tattoos

This next brass knuckle tattoo is more “in your face”! With that slogan it’s clear that this individual wanted you to know that they are not to be messed with otherwise they will get "in you face". The decorative stars on the top are a nice touch but this is a provocative tattoo and is likely worn by a very brash and bold person. Nonetheless it is a nice classic brass knuckle design, very similar to our Carbon Fibre Classic knuckles!

Brass Knuckles in your Face

This next knuckle is one of our favourites, the heart knuckle. How would you like to see us drop some heart knuckles this valentine’s day? Let us know in the comments down below. Back to the hearty brass knuckles tattoo, as you can see the finger holes of the brass knuckle have been swapped out with hearts, if these knuckles were real, it wouldn’t be too practical, but since this is just a tattoo it’ll fly and it looks awesome to boot. These are the tattoos we all love to see, the ones that spread the love!

Hearts Knuckle Tattoo

Continuing on the note of love this next one has a more feminine touch too it. Many people associate brass knuckles with macho men or mafiosos. But the truth is a lot of women not only carry brass knuckles but have tattoos of them, pictured below is a very cute “Love Taps” brass knuckle tattoo. This tattoo is creative as whenever this person gives out a fist bump, she’ll be doing it with her brass knuckle and she can call it a Love Tap, makes for great conversation and is kind of funny, kudos to her!

Pink Brass Knuckle Tattoo on Hand

This next work of art has what appears to be a paracord wrapped brass knuckle (side note: check out our paracord brass knuckles blog) attached to a knife that has woman’s eyes and some flowers at the tip. This is a very interesting not to mention creative piece, due to it’s complexity and the many different items shown we won’t even begin to interpret any meaning behind this tattoo. We’re sure there is a meaning behind this tattoo but without hearing from the man/woman that owns this piece of art we won’t go into more detail.

Paracord Wrapped Brass Knuckles with Knife and Eyes Tattoo

This very colourful brass knuckle tattoo also doubles as a motivational piece. With phrases like “Go Hard or Go Home” and the word strive in the middle, it is also very inspirational. This is likely a reminder to the owner of that tattoo and all others that see it that you should work as hard as you can, give it your all to accomplish your goals and dreams. Otherwise what's the point of living your life thinking you could've done better. Very motivational but to all reading you should remember, motivation comes and goes, discipline is what leads to success.

Motivational Brass Knuckles Tattoo

The next 2 matching brass knuckle tattoos shown are something a couple could get to signify their happy relationship. The tattoos are the same but vary in colour with the man choosing to get his brass knuckles outlined in green and the woman outlining her brass knuckles in pink. Also enveloping the brass knuckles is a quote saying, “Love Kills Slowly”. We’ll leave the interpretation of that up to you. Let us know what you think in the comments down below!

Matching Brass Knuckle Tattoos

The brass knuckle grenade combo tattoo. This may be, scratch that it is the most impractical brass knuckle combo weapon we’ve ever seen. With other brass knuckle combo weapons such as the brass knuckle knife or the brass knuckle revolver they are usable. Even the brass knuckle axe featured in our knuckle duster combo weapons blog is more practical! This on the other hand is not at all usable, you would likely blow up yourself and anyone around you if you tried using this. But this leads us to believe that there’s likely a deeper meaning behind this tattoo. Something along the lines of when you are trying to inflict pain upon others, it can backfire on yourself.

Brass Knuckle Grenade


Where’s the Best Place to get a Brass Knuckle Tattoo?

Where should you get a brass knuckles tattoo, well there’s a lot of space on the human body. The most popular areas as you can see from the above examples is anywhere in the arm region. Hands, biceps, triceps, shoulders and forearms. This is where 80% of the brass knuckle tattoos are placed online. Other popular locations include the chest, back and legs. Some less popular locations include the neck, face and buttocks, But the best place to get a brass knuckle tattoo is wherever you want! There’s no definite best place, it’s not a science it’s more of an art!


Thank You all for reading this week on the Brass Knuckles Blog. We appreciate those of you who made it to the end, this was our longest blog to date and was jam packed with info.


TL;DR – Brass Knuckle Tattoos are awesome!

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