Knuckle Duster Combo Weapons

Over the years there have been various innovations to Knuckle Dusters. Some of them practical and some of them not so much, making the knuckle dusters less then effective. Let’s take a look at some of the coolest ones.


Knuckle Duster Trench Knife

Undoubtedly one of the most popular iterations is the knuckle duster knife. Also referred to as a trench knife this brass knuckle knife rose to popularity during the first world war as an effective tool for close range combat. The first versions were referred to as the M1917 and M1918 respectively as they were created in those years. Henry Disston and his Sons were the first to make these knives in the U.S. They were issued as a standard knife to some branches of the military.


KnuckleDuster Apache Revolver

Another popular device is a gun/knuckle duster/knife combo, this was referred to as an Apache Revolver. Named after the creators and primary users: Les Apaches, who were violent French underworld figures. This device had the ability to fold the brass knuckle portion inward to make the knuckles function better. The gun portion rested against the palm providing a better grip on the knuckle dusters. This weapon was manufactured primarily in the 1800’s and was discontinued due to its lack of practicality.


Knuckle Duster Axe Combo

Another less popular weapon is this knuckle duster/tomahawk combo. It’s an axe/tomahawk type tool with a knuckle duster implanted smack dab in the middle of the handle. This allows you to use the bottom of the handle to still throw it or swing it while gripping it from the middle of the handle to utilize the brass knuckles at close range. Not sure as to how effective they’ll be as the blade of the axe may interfere (for better or worse) with your strikes.


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  • Jack Hagerty

    Hey Partner… Bought 2 of said Knuckle Duster Tomahawks…Live in Mass. Soon in Mass. harsh language will be illegal..Because… Feelings! I can’t find any information on that Hatchet specifically… regarding legality. Only generic “No Dusters for you”… What’s your Take? TY

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