Paracord Wrapped Monkey Knuckles

So, you thought your brand spanking new pair of Monkey Knuckles couldn’t feel any more comfortable in your hand? Well, we’ve got some news for you, our friends over at The Weavers of Eternity Paracord Youtube channel figured out a way to not only make your knuckles more comfortable, but also allow you to make them look cooler by customizing and styling them, all for a few dollars. Check out this video on how you can Paracord wrap your brass knuckles!

As you can see from the video the methods shown of paracord wrapping not only increase comfort, look stylish but are also functional! The easy release method of paracord wrapping can come handy whenever you need some paracord in a hurry. Plus, it can give you a second use for your knuckles as they can double as paracord holders. The best part about this video is that virtually anybody who owns a pair of Monkey Knuckles or any plastic knuckles for that matter can do it, inexpensively and quickly. All that’s required really is paracord and a lighter if you’d like to finish up the edges. Both items are widely available and cost a couple dollars at most. The easiest places to acquire paracord would be from your local dollar/general store, Home Depot, Michaels and if you don’t have access to those, Amazon is always willing to deliver!

Paracord is also very versatile and has hundreds of different use cases. Anywhere from using it as replacement shoelaces to survival situations such as starting a fire. Other uses for paracord include replacement belt, clotheslines, tying a torniquet, dog leash and even as a fishing line! We’re sure you get the point by now, having some paracord wrapped around your brass knuckles can be a lot more useful than just looking pretty and making your knuckles more comfortable. Send your cool paracord wrapped knuckles to and we’ll feature them on our social media!

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