7 Ways to Use Brass Knuckles

Niagra Falls Canada Plastic Knuckles

1. Self Defense (NOT IN CANADA)

If you live in a place where defending yourself is legal (for example: Texas, U.S.A) then brass knuckles are undeniably one of the best non-lethal self defense options. Brass knuckles are highly practical and portable not to forget an easily concealable item. One punch delivered with brass knuckles is enough to diffuse a situation. But remember, you must know how to throw a punch and correctly wear your knuckles. The latter you can learn with our How to Properly Hold Monkey Knuckles video.

2. Just for Fun

Punching things with your friends is inherently always fun. Adding a pair of Carbon Fiber knuckles to the mix maxes out the fun factor as it really allows you to do some damage, all while protecting your hand. Whether your punching watermelons or doing some demolition on some drywall plastic knuckles will make punching and breaking stuff a lot more fun!

3. Film Prop/Cosplay

Whether you’re making a homemade YouTube video or starring as the next John Wick, a pair of brass knuckles will add some real gangster to your character. Featured in movies like LEGEND starring Tom Hardy and video games like the infamous Grand Theft Auto Series brass knuckles are a feared weapon. So, if you’re portraying a character that shouldn’t be messed with, adding some brass knuckles will aid you with that.

4. Fashion Accessory

Believe it or not brass knuckles have been used in the fashion industry for decades now. Whether the knuckles are worn on chains, belts, jean accessories, earrings, t-shirts, phone cases, rings, and even high heels! Brass knuckles are seen as something dangerous, tough, cool, so adding them to your outfit will in turn make the wearer appear that way. This is one of the reasons brass knuckles have risen to fame as they can be displayed in so many ways!

5. Paperweights

Whether you got plastic knuckles, carbon fiber knuckles, metal knuckles or even wooden knuckles, they all look good when displayed as a paperweight. Whether you hang ‘em on the wall or over a toilet stall, they’ll make a wonderful addition to the room. Although calling brass knuckles paperweights is a famous excuse people use to own them in regions where brass knuckles are banned, it’s actually a pretty good way to utilize them.

6. Auto Ornaments

Just like a pair of lucky dice you can hang your plastic knuckles from your rear-view mirror! This has also been known to cause a decrease in road rage incidents :) Bikers have also been known to accessorize their bikes with brass knuckles, anything from foot pegs to brake levers and even as helmet accessories.

7. Bottle Opener

This may be specific to the monkey knuckles design, but brass knuckles can make very effective bottle openers. Coupled with that our spiked brass knuckles have been known to make very effective shotgunning tools, for those who don’t know what that is, it’s not what it sounds like. It’s where you pierce the bottom of beer cans and chug the beer from the new hole that you just made.

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