How To Properly Hold Monkey Knuckles

In the video above Cody Canuck shows you how to wear your Monkey Knuckles and why that is the correct way. It doesn't matter whether you own Brass Knuckles, Plastic Knuckles, Polymer Knuckle Dusters or any other knuckles, this video applies to any and all types of knuckles.

The correct way to wear/hold your (Monkey) Brass Knuckles is just below your middle knuckle. What’s a middle knuckle you may ask? The middle knuckle is the knuckle that is used when you knock on doors, the knuckle that is in the halfway point of your main knuckles and your fingernails. When you hold the Brass Knuckles in this position it simultaneously aligns the knuckles with your wrist and forearm bones (radius and ulna). This creates a phenom similar to that of a Ram, we’re talking about the animal not the truck. Their head and neck bones align perfectly with their spine allowing them to make contact at such great speeds and with shocking amounts of force without injuring themselves severely in the process.  

Similar to when Rams necks line up with their spines, when you correctly hold Brass Knuckles, aligning the knuckles, the wrist and the forearms you are able to exert maximum force and create optimal impact without causing damage to your own hands and knuckles. As opposed to if you were to incorrectly hold your brass knuckles you could easily damage your hand and maybe even break some bones in the process.

Now that you know how to correctly hold your knuckles, just like Cody Canuck did, go out and smash some fruits! But what you should never do is attempt to use your knuckles, whether they are plastic knuckles, brass knuckles, polymer knuckles or Monkey Knuckles, on another person. They can cause severe life altering injuries. So please enjoy them responsibly!

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