Legend: Brass Knuckles Scene

***We do not endorse or encourage the misuse of Monkey Knuckles***

This scene from the movie Legend starring Tom Hardy features one of the most notorious displays of brass knuckles being used in Hollywood. The film is a depiction of the Kray brothers who were notorious gangsters in London in the 1960’s, and among many things were known for using brass knuckles regularly. In the above scene we see the Kray brothers successfully fighting off seven men with the use of 2 brass knuckles and a hammer. Of course, the above scene is fictional, but it can still put into perspective the sheer power and advantage that knuckledusters give to those wielding them. It isn’t hard to imagine brass knuckles having serious one punch stopping power as shown in the scene. If you own a pair of Monkey Knuckles or other brass knuckles and have tried punching an object you understand the power, it adds to a strike. It is a force multiplier making punches 3-5x more devastating based on your technique. That may not sound like a lot but imagine having the same amount of punching force as a professional boxer all because of an inexpensive brass knuckle. In the case of the Kray brothers their technique is excellent and the force that they are hitting with is one punch stopping power, hence why they were able to come out on top. To learn a bit more about technique you can see our video on how to hold Monkey Knuckles HERE. But despite this scene from Hollywood glorifying a 2 vs 7 defeat this is highly unlikely to happen in real life unless you are an extremely skilled fighter. The best way to truly win a fight is to avoid confrontation in the first place. But if you do happen to find yourself in a sticky situation it is best to be prepared as the Kray brothers were.

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  • Pugs420

    Excellent movie🖤. Great fight scene. There is no fighting dirty, only fighting😎I have to say also that I really appreciate the Monkey Knuckles. They make a great key chain, and make a good break for my hands when I’m sore from bare knuckles while practicing or whatever… More colours, maybe patterns or graphics would be slick! I have purchased sets of spiked Canuck Red and regular as well as black sets of both. I plan on adding to my collection and also gifting them. My son has one that he hangs off a chain also from me. Keep it up👊

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