Dangers of Ordering Metal Brass Knuckles to Canada

Brass Knuckles Seizure Letter CBSA

Pictured above is a letter of seizure issued by the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA). This letter was sent in by a customer whose metal knuckles were seized at the border recently, about 2 weeks ago from the time this was posted (date shown on letter). Don’t worry we got him some Monkey Knuckles now and he’s happy. But this is what happens majority of the time you try ordering metal brass knuckles from the U.S.A or real brass knuckles from any other country for that matter. The reason being that all foreign mail is processed at one of the CBSA mail centers, this one as you can see on the letter was processed and seized at the Toronto CBSA Mail Center. This is because all mail is inspected heavily to ensure no illegal items are entering Canada, one of the easiest things for the CBSA officers to catch is brass knuckles! Let us explain, all packages go through a x-ray scanner, similar to how you empty your pockets at an airport x-ray scanner and the officers there watch the screen to ensure all is good, just on a much bigger scale. When the CBSA officer watching the screen sees a set of brass knuckle (which is kind of hard to miss as they’re made from metal and show up clearly on the scans), they immediately flag and seize the package (this one was seized by Officer; Badge Number DS #15010 (shown at the bottom of the letter)), but that’s not all. It doesn’t just end there, they then check the address to see to whom and where the ILLEGAL metal brass knuckles were headed. They proceed to notify you that your package has been seized and that you may appeal the decision. Wouldn’t recommend appealing if you ordered metal brass knuckles though as they're illegal and you shouldn't be ordering them in the first place. Then it starts to get ugly, the CBSA in accordance with the RCMP can also charge you just for ordering metal brass knuckles, that’s right, you don’t ever even have to be in possession of them. Just take a quick read here and see what happened to this guy from Timmins.


This young man was charged with importing a prohibited or restricted weapon into Canada. Whether he knew they were illegal when he ordered them or not, the way the law works is being ignorant is just as bad as breaking it. Just think about it, if you get pulled over for speeding, say you’re going 80 in a 50 zone, and the officer asks you why you were speeding, and you reply, I didn’t know it was a 50 zone. Do you think he’s going to say whoop dee doo damn you didn’t know?! Guess that makes it A-OKAY, have a nice day! No, he’s most likely going to give you a ticket or if you’re lucky a warning. Same goes for all the other laws, it’s a citizen’s responsibility to know and obey the laws. So please, be responsible and order a pair of Monkey Knuckles, plastic brass knuckles that are not only, Made in Canada, but also Legal in Canada. Plus none of our packages go through any CBSA sorting centers so they won’t get seized, ever, not even by mistake!

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