Brass Monkey Knuckles

Brass Knuckles are often portrayed in movies (you can view our blog post on that HERE), but did you know that they are also very cited in music as well? Here’s an example of a song titled “Brass Monkey Knuckles” by Black Pegasus, this is a sheer coincidence, and we have no affiliation with the artist or the label. But the song is entertaining and worth a listen.

“Brass knuckles, will f**king punch you, brass knuckles knuckles, will f**king punch you punch you!” catchy song eh. Stays on repeat here at the office. This is a remix of the popular song Brass Monkey by the Beastie Boys. This song does portray the more violent side to what brass Knuckles and plastic knuckles are capable of if misused. Throughout the song the artist mentions how after he punches you with his brass knuckles you will have a swollen lip, your jaw will be on fire, your jaw will need a wire and how you’ll owe him once he gives you dentures. He mentions how everyone talks about holding loaded clips (firearms), but he prefers to use brass knuckles and split lips. He also makes a relatable statement saying everywhere he goes he that he keeps his brass knuckles with him. We’re sure many of you can relate as well having your monkey knuckles on keychains or in your car as a rear-view display piece. He then makes a comical remark saying “ladies, if your mans a punk, grab your own pair and punch him in the nuts!” He even goes as far as saying “we don’t give a f**k we even punch cops”. We don’t condone any of this and it should be common sense, but we’ll say it anyways, it is illegal to use knuckledusters, the last thing you should do is punch anybody let alone a police officer. This was just an interesting song we thought we'd share with y'all this week!

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