Brass Knuckles on Boxing Day

Who has a better claim to the phrase “Knockout Deals” than Monkey Knuckles on Boxing Day? For obvious reasons the answer is nobody! Sure, your local clothing retailer has a “knockout” 50% special on t-shirts, but that’s not going to knock anyone out, unless the person wearing the t-shirt owns a pair of Monkey Knuckles! All kidding aside Monkey Knuckles doesn’t take the responsibility of owning the phrase “knockout Deals” lightly.

Boxing Day Sale 2022 on knuckle dusters in Canada

Since the company was founded, we’ve never missed out on having a boxing day sale! A lot of people wonder why we rarely have sales on our brass knuckles. The answer is because our knuckle dusters are already priced fairly, to maintain those prices, we can only have sales a few times a year. Some companies run sales year-round by inflating their prices then marking them down by 20-70% to cause the illusion that they’re having a sale. We choose not to operate like that.

Switching gears now we’ll talk about the history of boxing day. Surprisingly it has nothing to do with boxing and in turn brass knuckles at all. The exact origin of the term boxing day isn’t pinpointed but claims have been made that it goes as far back as centuries ago. It originated when the day after Christmas gift boxes were given by wealthier people of the community to poorer individuals who worked on Christmas as a way of showing gratitude, sort of like a Christmas bonus.

Even though the boxing in boxing day originally referred to boxes and not boxing the sport where opponents punch each other it has transitioned over the years. With retailers using graphics depicting boxing gloves and references to knockout savings or lights out deals coupled with the videos of people fighting over products, boxing day has become more related to boxing the sport as opposed to the packaging material. We’re not saying this is a bad thing because as a brand that deals solely in brass knuckles, it gives us many opportunities to make slogans referring to knockout brass knuckle deals!

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