Spiked CaKnucks™

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Canuck - A Canadian
CaKnucks - A Canadian's favorite brass knuckles
Crafted from impact resistant ABS
Built to Last a Lifetime.
Made in Canada. Legal in Canada.

Regular: Ring size 12.5

Each finger hole is about the size of a QUARTER (25₵ coin).

X-Large: Ring size 14

Each finger hole is about the size of a TOONIE ($2 coin).

We spent years designing and testing our knuckles, so YOU don't have to worry about breaking them.

We are so confident that our knuckles can withstand the might of even the hardest of hitters, that we offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY on all of our knuckles.

Inside the package you will receive Monkey Knuckles, a Monkey Knuckles carrying pouch, and a Monkey Knuckles sticker!

What you buy is your business. We want to keep it that way.

Our orders are sent in plain packaging, with no indication of what’s inside - so the only person getting excited by your delivery is you!

All orders are shipped from within Canada, so you don't have to worry about Canadian Border Services or unexpected Custom fees.

Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
colette ethier

Nice and light, looks great as my purse handle 😊.

Nathan Hammond
3d printed

I didn't think it would be 3d printed but it's still 🔥

Oliver B
Canadian Plastic Knuckles

Nice little loophole to be able to legally buy "brass" knuckles in Canada. Even though the knuckles aren't made of metal these plastic knuckles would still do alot of damage.

Aaron V
Brass Knuckles

Got the spiked knuckles and the classic knuckles. These knuckles would by far do more damage, 1 shot stopping power. However the spikes do get a bit deformed if you punch hard objects repeatedly like a concrete wall. I know thats not the intended use, but they are plastic knuckles after all albeit the plastic is very durable.

Best Name Ever

CaKnucks hahaha would've bought these brass knuckles based off the name alone. But the knuckles themselves are also very well thought out just like the name. Fit good and would 100% do serious damage. Would recommend 10/10 times.