Brass Knuckles in Other Industries

Have you seen a shop in your area that has Brass Knuckles in its name? Believe it or not it’s more common than you think, the reason being that the name has overflowed into many other industries, most of which don’t have any relation with brass knuckles. Some of these industries include (but aren’t limited too) Entertainment, Tattoo Parlours, Car Garages, Nail Salons, Motorcycle Shops and more. The brass knuckles name can be used for many reasons, to create a certain vibe and theme around the business, to make it appear tougher and it’s also catchy as well in some cases.

Brass Knuckle Company Logo


Of course, stores that sell weapons will tend to use the brass knuckles name. A few the more famous ones are The Brass Knuckles Company based out of Sioux Falls, South Dakota and Brass Knuckles and More LLC based out of Grants Pass Oregon.

Brass Knuckle Bistro in Seattle Washington


In Levittown Pennsylvania there’s a business called Brass Knuckles Entertainment Company. They are a drive-in movie theatre company. Good work on the name if we do say so ourselves! Brass & Knuckle Naxxar is another entertainment option, it’s an upscale restaurant located in Malta. Brass Knuckle Bistro is a sandwich shop located in Seattle, Washington where coincidentally brass knuckles are illegal! We're sure they serve some excellent knuckle sandwiches!

 Brass Knuckle Tattoo Studio

Tattoo Parlours

Brass knuckle tattoos are very popular hence why there are shops that carry the name, we even wrote a blog post on brass knuckles and tattoos which you can checkout HERE. The Brass Knuckle Tattoo studio located in Minneapolis Minnesota is one of the most popular tattoo studios carrying the brass knuckles name.

Brass Knuckle Garage

Car Garages

There are a handful of Brass Knuckle related automotive shops ranging from regular repair shops to old school car restoration shops. The Brass Knuckle Garage in Fallon, Nevada also has one of the best industry/brass knuckle mixed logos we’ve seen, it’s pictured above. Meanwhile in San Antonio Texas Brass Knuckle Kustoms restores old school cars back to their former glory. Another shop coincidentally (or not) named the Brass Knuckle Garage located in Marine City Michigan specializes in detailing vehicles.

Nail Salons

In Surrey, British Columbia there’s a nail salon fittingly named Brass Knuckle Nails. Has a 5-star rating as well so they must be doing something right! We say fittingly as Surrey is one of the cities where Monkey Knuckles are the most popular in Canada. If we had to rank it, Surrey would be a top 3 city in terms of volume, as in how many brass knuckles are sold each year.

Brass Knuckle Motorcycle

Motorcycle Shops

Bikers are often associated with being tough as nails and carrying brass knuckles among other weapons, so logically there would be a few motorcycle shops named after them. Brass Knuckle Choppers located in Fairfield, California is one of those shops. There are many similar names used as well in the motorcycle industry such as Bloody Knuckles Motorcycles in Mesa, Arizona and Busted Knuckles Garage in Redlands, California.


Let us know in the comments below if there are any places near you with Brass Knuckles in their name!

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