Trudeau on Banning HandGuns

2 years after announcing a ban on Assault style weapons in May of 2020, Canada's Prime Minister announced this May that he would be implementing a bill that would put a national freeze on the sale, importation and transfer of handguns in Canada. Also, he would increase the penalties for gun smuggling and introduce red flag laws where individuals considered a threat to themselves, or others would no be allowed to own firearms. In addition, he stated that all long guns will have to permanently be capped to hold no more than 5 rounds. Here’s a short clip of this below:

This announcement caused almost all gun stores Canada Wide to sell out of Handguns within 48 hours of this announcement. Many people are bothered by this saying that it will only effect legal gun owners as criminals won’t follow these laws regardless. But let’s see what caused this bill to be brought forward in the first place. Two mas shooting took place in the month of May, not in Canada, but to our neighbours in the south, the U.S.A. One in Buffalo, NY that killed 10 people and wounded 3 on May 14th at a Topps supermarket. And one in Uvalde, Texas that killed 21 and wounded 17 others at an elementary school, it is one of the worse mass shootings in the last decade. These types of events generally lead to some sort of heightening on restrictions or new laws being introduced regarding firearms as politicians must show that they are doing something. But they usually lead to legal gun owners facing more difficulties and criminals disregarding them anyways.

We share this to show that the misuse of a tool, whether it be a firearm or a pair of knuckledusters or plastic knuckles, can have severe consequences and aftereffects for millions of other people. These 2 separate incidents with individuals who decided to misuse firearms and that may it be directly or inadvertently led to handguns being banned in Canada.

So, we kindly ask that everyone who purchases a pair of Brass Knuckles from us here at Monkey Knuckles use them responsibly. Have fun, punch some watermelons or brass knuckle up some old drywall pieces. But be safe and don’t misuse your knuckles, or else you may just ruin the fun for everyone.

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  • Mike A

    Worse PM of my lifetime. Disarming the law-abiding population is ALWAYS a warning sign of coming totalitarianism. Stay awake, Canada!

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