The History of Canada Day

This week our blog will be something different. We won’t be directly speaking on or linking Brass Knuckles to this blog in any which way. We’ll instead speak about the history behind Canada Day on this years Canada Day long weekend. We feel it is important that we all know the history of our glorious country, our home and native land which has given us the ability and freedom to build great communities and businesses.

Canada Day 2022

Canada Day celebrates the anniversary of Canadian Confederation which occurred on July 1st, 1867. It was declared a national holiday over a decade later in 1879. The British North American Act was passed on that day which merged the colonies of United Canadas, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick into a single Dominion, the Dominion of Canada. This is also why the holiday was referred to as Dominion Day until 1982. The same year the Patriation of the Constitution was declared which detached Canada from having legal dependence on the British Parliament.

Canada Day is often referred to as “Canada’s Birthday” but this is not necessarily correct and is often seen as an oversimplification. This event albeit an important one was just one of the many important milestones on the way to Canada’s sovereignty.

Nowadays Canada Day is celebrated across the country with parades, festivals, parties and fireworks in a grand fashion. The main festivities that attract Canadians from coast to coast happen at the Parliament Hills in Ottawa although this year due to construction the events were relocated to nearby parks. Now after reading this quick blog post here at the Brass Knuckles Blog, you now know a little more about the history of Canada Day and you can share these facts with your friends. Wherever and however, you choose to celebrate Canada Day is up to you, but always remember to enjoy responsibly, and remain safe.

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