Star Wars KnuckleDusters


May the 4th be with you on National Star Wars Day! Today we'll be showcasing Knuckledusters featured in the famed Star Wars series. The above scene features Krrsantan's knuckle dusters. Here’s an excerpt from the Star War’s Database: “Having honed his ferocious fighting style in deadly gladiator pits, Krrsantan augments his already formidable strength with a set of custom-crafted heavy metal knuckle dusters.” Black Krrasnatan is a wookie bounty hunter who has a formidable pair of electrified brass knuckles. He along with his knuckles appears multiple time in the Book of Bobafet. His brass knuckles appear very similar to our Spiked Brass Knuckle style, minus the electrification part.  

We know this blog may not appeal to non-Star Wars fans, but it’s May the 4th so please bare with us, Star Wars fans get 1 day a year. We’ll include some interesting facts on spiked brass knuckles at the end of this blog for all the non Star Wars fans. Krrsantan, also known as Black Krrsantan, and nicknamed "Santy," "BK," and "Black K" by Doctor Aphra and "Santo" by Garsa Fwip and Boba Fett, was a male Wookiee bounty hunter whose career spanned from during the rule of the Galactic Empire into the era of the New Republic. Originally escaping his homeworld Kashyyyk and trained by the infamous Xonti Brothers as a gladiator, Krrsantan later became a ferocious bounty hunter. He was regularly hired by the crime lord Jabba the Hutt and at one point fought Obi-Wan Kenobi, receiving a scar from the Jedi Master's lightsaber. During the Galactic Civil War, Darth Vader hired Krrsantan to track down and capture an agent of the emperor.

Back to our Spiked Brass Knuckles. Our knuckles are designed with purpose in mind. As in Canada you aren’t allowed to carry anything for self defense our knuckles have multiple other purposes. Our spikes on the knuckles are sharp enough that you can open Lettermail, Amazon packages, clothing tags, milk bags and anything else a plain knife can do. Instead of being electrified like Krranstans they come in various colours, and you can wrap them in paracord, allowing you to always have paracord on hand!

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