Presidential Brass Knuckles

Abraham Lincoln's BRass Knuckles

Arguably one of the most famous brass knuckles in the world belonged to none other then President Abraham Lincolns bodyguard, Ward Hill Lamon. The brass knuckles are still on display at the entrance of the Ford’s Theatre Museum in Washington, D.C. Which also just happens to be the place where Abraham Lincoln was also assassinated. These knuckledusters were carried along with a knife and artillery goggles by Lincoln’s personal bodyguard to protect him from harm.


A little bit of backstory as to why Lincoln needed such protection, although he is adored today as the President who abolished slavery, he wasn’t always loved as a president while he was alive. In 1860 when President Lincoln was elected, and people got whiff of his plans to abolish slavery there was massive uproar. A lot of the American economy depended on slaves and many states especially the southern ones were worried about their fiscal futures. These were 2 of the main causes of the civil war, in which brass knuckles were also a very popular weapon, Abraham Lincoln being elected and his movement to end slavery.

In February 1861 when Lincoln was to be inaugurated 7 southern states had threatened to become independent. His life was in danger and to go from his home in Springfield Illinois to Washington DC they had to take a detoured route. One that required them to make a 45-minute trip through Baltimore. This was the reason Ward was carrying brass knuckles, to protect Lincoln from any unfriendly people they may have run into. It’s rumoured that the brass knuckles were used on multiple occasions by Ward, and judging from their condition, the faded colour and the chipping along the edge we believe that these rumours are probably true.

Presidential Knuckles?

Rolex Presidential Brass Knuckles Blog

Rolex has a watch dubbed the “presidential” Rolex (pictured above), an all-gold Day Date made from real gold and a whopping $40,000 plus price tag. Dubbed after the fact that many presidents of the United States have had this watch adorn their wrists. How would you guys like to see some Presidential Brass Knuckles made by Monkey Knuckles? Obviously, we can’t make them out of gold, as metal knuckles are illegal in Canada but we could do something similar to Abraham Lincolns bodyguard brass knuckles.


Let us know in the comments down below!


  • John

    Presidential knuckles would be dope. I would love to see those in the shop.

  • Faybelle Hiscock

    I would love to see some presidential knuckles and would definitely buy one! You could try doing them in a colour close to gold as well haha

  • Mark

    I would LOVE a Canada legal version of the Presidential Knuckles.
    With the carbon fiber/ABS blend, they’d be awesome.

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