Monkey Knuckle or Monkey Knuckles?

A question we often receive from customers is why are your products called Monkey Knuckles when you sell them as single pieces? Well, the reasoning behind this is the same as why brass knuckles are called brass knuckles and not referred to as a brass knuckle.

The term brass knuckles is a plurale tantum, a word with no singular form. Meaning even though you are referring to a singular item. Other examples of plurale tantum are glasses, scissors, and pants. So just as you wouldn’t refer to glasses as glass, scissors as scissor and pants as pant, you don’t refer to brass knuckles as a brass knuckle. You wouldn’t refer to a set of brass knuckles or a single piece as anything other then brass knuckles.

That was the literary reason as to why we call them brass knuckles, now let’s talk about the logical reason. We have 4 knuckles on our hands, brass knuckles fit on top of all 4 of those knuckles. So, referring to them as a “brass knuckle” doesn’t make sense logically because they don’t fit over only 1 knuckle, they fit over all 4 of our knuckles.

single finger brass knuckle

If our knuckles were a different design like say for example the ones pictured above it would make sense to refer to them as a brass knuckle as it only covers 1 knuckle. But our Monkey Knuckles cover all our knuckles, hence why we refer to them as brass knuckles.

Now you know why we refer to our products as “Monkey Knuckles” even though they are sold as a single piece! We picture all our products here at Monkey Knuckles as single pieces, as they are all sold as singles. If we sold them in pairs like shoes or socks, we would picture them in pairs!


  • Kelly Nelson

    I ordered the classic carbon pair. Black. Loved them so much I ordered the classic spiked. Love these things. Super lightweight, rough as nails construction. My city has turned to shite. I feel more comfortable out and about with one or both in my bag.
    Now I just need yo wait until you guys come out with a yellow color. Lol

  • C Cody

    Still waiting for my order.
    20 days now
    I’ve sent 4 emails and get no response

  • Doug

    How to get a pair and how much

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