Israel Adesanya Arrested for Brass Knuckles

Israel Adesanya Arrested for Posession of Brass Knuckles

Former UFC Middleweight Champion and #2 Pound for Pound Fighter in the world, Israel Adesanya was arrested at the John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York for having brass knuckles in his luggage. Now some of you may not know who Israel Adesanya is, so we’ll introduce him for you, explain why he had brass knuckles and touch more on his fighting career as well.

About Israel

Israel “The Stylebender” Adesanya is a skilled UFC fighter known for his fancy dance moves and outlandish antics. Born in Nigeria he currently resides in Auckland, New Zealand where he trains under the City Kickboxing team and Head Coach Eugene Bareman. He terrorizes the UFC’s middleweight division standing 6’4 and weighing in at 185lbs. He was the undisputed UFC middleweight champion until his loss this past weekend to Alex Pereira and is now the #1 ranked Middleweight contender. But words can not do this man justice, check out his highlights in the video below!


“I was in the nosebleeds, and now I made his nose bleed!”

What Happened?

Israel had a set of metal brass knuckles in his luggage, now we’re not sure if this was carry-on luggage or checked in baggage but it was in his baggage, not on his person. Metal Brass Knuckles are illegal in New York and are a Class A misdemeanor. Brass Knuckles are also illegal in New Zealand where Adesanya was travelling to. Therefore, he was detained on the spot by airport security.


After seeing his highlights we’re sure many of you are wondering, why in the world would this guy need brass knuckles!? Well, he didn’t need them, nor did he even purchase them himself. Israel’s manager Tim Simpson stated that he was gifted the brass knuckles by a fan and just put them in his luggage. That he was oblivious to the fact that brass knuckles are illegal, which is believable as he isn’t a citizen of the country let alone aware about state laws.


Adesanya cooperated without an issue with the authorities and disposed of the brass knuckles. He was released shortly and didn’t miss his flight. This was an honest mistake and was handled well by all parties. This is why it’s good to read the brass knuckles blog, you’ll be up to date on all brass knuckles laws news and info worldwide! If anyone from Israel Adesanya’s team sees this, we got a pair of Monkey Knuckles waiting for him if he comes to Canada!

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