Introduction to Monkey Knuckles and Why It Was Started?

Floating Plastic Knuckle

Monkey Knuckles is a brand, and a product. Just as a tissue is referred to by its brand name of Kleenex, or bandages are referred to as Band-Aids, our carbon fiber and plastic knuckles have come too been synonymous with the name Monkey Knuckles. Monkey Knuckles is Canada’s largest manufacturer of legal plastic brass knuckles in Canada. Since 2017 we have not only been Canada’s bestselling knuckle dusters, but we have sold more brass knuckles than every other retailer in Canada combined. Our knuckles are manufactured in Ontario from Carbon Fiber, ABS plastic, or a combination of both.

Monkey Knuckles was founded with one goal in mind. To manufacture a legal alternative to metal brass knuckles in Canada that were not only indestructible, but also affordable. We saw opportunity as the only brass knuckles for sale in Canada cost a minimum $50-$60 or more per knuckle, plus shipping and taxes. On top of that these knuckles were Made in China, offered no warranties, so the quality was a gamble and after taxes and shipping, were absurdly overpriced.

We aimed to fix that by offering high quality knuckles that were Manufactured in Canada, offered a lifetime warranty, had free shipping, and the tax was included in the price. And so we did, our engineering team spent 2 years developing a plastic/carbon fiber knuckle that was strong enough to stand the might of even the hardest hitters all while being light enough not to hinder the speed of ones punches. Monkey Knuckles were designed with ergonomics in mind. Special attention was paid to the sizing, finger hole shape/angle, height, width and palm swell. Special care was taken to avoid “finger bite”, which occurs when imperfect knuckles are designed. After thousands of hours of testing and tweaking we can confidently say that Monkey Knuckles are some of the most comfortable, natural fitting and indestructible plastic brass knuckles available in Canada today.   

Monkey Knuckles will also be referred to as brass knuckles, plastic knuckles, knuckle dusters, carbon fiber knuckles, polymer knuckles and knuckle dusters in the coming blog posts.

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  • Jake

    My knuckles came just 5 business days after my order was placed which was great as I was highly anticipating their arrival! I ordered 2 pairs, black for myself and royal purple for my sister and I couldn’t be more impressed with the feel, look and overall design. We love the bags and stickers as well! I’ll definitely be telling all my friends about them.

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