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Brass Knuckles Blueprint

The Monkey Knuckles that you see today are the product of 4 years of continuous improvements. They are the epitome of Canadian legal brass knuckles and undeniably the best plastic knuckles available in Canada. But this wasn’t always the case, we once started out as a new business with a product which at the time we thought was exceptional but was sub-par compared to our current knuckle dusters. But through constant improvement and the burning desire to have the best possible knuckles we were able to engineer brass knuckles that we were proud to offer. It also allowed us to offer lifetime warranties on all of our products, something that we are very proud to offer.

We started off like many other businesses, with very little money and a dream. This forced us to outsource and purchase a lot of our products from other businesses. This restricted us as to how strong our knuckles could really be as other plastics didn’t have the specific properties that we were looking for. We needed materials that were not only impact resistant but lightweight, comfortable, and looked appealing. Many of these plastics produced finishes like parts you’d see at an industrial factory, not something that you’d want to hold in your hand. But this was rightly so, we were using industrial grade plastics as we needed industrial grade strength.  From the very beginning our goal was to have everything in house, from formulating our own materials, manufacturing the brass knuckles, the packaging etc. We proudly achieved that goal and began formulating our own materials for our own special needs. We found that mixing Carbon Fiber and ABS produced the best material possible, everything else was not nearly as good as those 2 materials combined. Then we began to slowly improve our knuckles design. Adding 1mm to the lower supports to increase strength, rounding off the finger edges to make it more comfortable, increasing the thickness by 3mm to make it have heft and any other minor improvements that we could make to squeeze out the perfect set of brass knuckles. We are now focusing on releasing new styles of knuckle dusters, which is taking just as much if not more effort to develop.

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  • Corin Meyer

    Can you give me the blueprint with the dimensions I’m going to build my own please

    Sincerely corin meyer

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