Charge a Gun, From a Knife Run, From Brass Knuckles Run…but Faster!

Have you heard the popular saying that people say as a rule of thumb for self defense situations? It goes like this, you should charge a guy with a gun, but if he has a knife you run! Check out this clip from The Irishman depicting that rule.


Well adding onto that advice, we think that brass knuckles should also fall under the run category along with the knife. The reason being brass knuckles can inflict as much if not more damage than a knife. Similar to a knife brass knuckles are very hard to block, wherever they connect whether its your arm, your head or your body they will do damage. It is not uncommon for metal brass knuckles to shatter bones in the arm and hands as people try to protect themselves.

Brass knuckles also have the potential to be fatal with one shot, just like a knife can nick an artery or stab a vital organ, brass knuckles have the potential to turn off someone’s lights permanently with one shot to the head. This is not just hearsay, there are numerous fatalities caused by metal brass knuckles every year.

Brass knuckles are illegal to carry in Canada, which means that anyone who is carrying them is likely not afraid to use them. Just think about it, if an individual has brass knuckles on their person in Canada and is willing to be charged just for carrying them, we’d bet the house that they’re willing to use them without hesitation.

To top it all off the risk to reward ratio is skewed heavily in favour of the person with the brass knuckles. Even if you do manage to fight them off or knock them out you put yourself at risk to receive blows from the brass knuckles which can cause serious life altering injuries.

So, as we said before, if someone has a pair of brass knuckles, your best bet would be to run….fast!

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