Can you Carry Monkey Knuckles in Canada?

Knuckleduster for sale

Unfortunately, you cannot carry Monkey Knuckles, brass knuckles, plastic knuckles, carbon fiber knuckles or any other knuckles for self defence in Canada. Matter of fact you are not legally allowed to carry anything for the sole purpose of self-defence in Canada. But you can carry Monkey Knuckles for purposes other then self-defence. These laws can be confusing and can vary based on the situation, so let us elaborate.

Let’s use knuckledusters as an example (since that’s what we sell). Let’s say you are travelling up north from the Greater Toronto Area to the Muskoka’s for a nice family vacation. You and your wife are seated up front with your brother and his wife in the back. Your Spiked Red Monkey Knuckles hang from your rear view mirror just like a pair of lucky dice would. Started from the Bottom by Drake is playing, and you get a little too into it, you’re not watching your speed and suddenly you see flashing lights behind you. Ontario’s wonderful police force the O.P.P in their signature black and white car pulls you over. The officer asks you the usual, do you know how fast you were going, license and registration etc. He then notices the brass knuckles hanging from your rear view,

OPP Brass Knuckles

“Sir do you know brass knuckles are illegal in Canada.”

You reply, “These are plastic knuckles officer, completely legal in Canada.”

Officer says, “Ahh that’s fine, no speeding ticket today, just a warning, slow down and have a nice day!”

In that case having Monkey Knuckles is perfectly acceptable, even though they are easily reachable, they do resemble a weapon and they can be deadly if misused, the situation was calm and there was no intent shown to use them as a weapon. You had a valid reason to have them with you, as a display piece in your car.

Second scenario with our plastic knuckles. Say you are leaving a bar at around 12:30am, downtown Toronto. You’ve had one too many to drink and accidentally bump into someone on the sidewalk. A bit of a scuffle breaks out but luckily there’s a Toronto Police Office’s duo nearby and they break it up. He sees your Monkey Knuckles sticking out of your back pocket. Now you can claim that you were using them as a bottle opener but it’s going to be a tough sell. Even though they are plastic knuckles and are 100% legal to own in Canada, carrying knuckles or anything for that matter for self-defence is illegal.

So, in conclusion you can carry Monkey Knuckles if you have a valid reason to do so. Whether they are a key chain accessory, bottle opener or even a rear view mirror piece. If you have a reason to carry Monkey Knuckles, you can.


  • Andrew Dice Clay

    Cops mostly aren’t really up to speed on the rules in my experience. Then if you’re carrying them or in car and they find them it’s gonna depend on the cops attitude most likely how things go. Be nice and polite and always been on for me.

  • Ben

    So I carried one in the airport for a domestic flight and the cops actually came to me and reprimanded me. Basically, the knuckles were a “facsimile”, as they say, of brass knuckles and that if I refused to have them destroy the knuckles on my behalf, they would charge me.

  • Tarek

    Can I carry them in checked luggage while travelling domestically?

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