Brass Knuckles? Plastic Knuckles? NO! MONKEY KNUCKLE!

Monkey Knuckles? What a strange name for a Canadian company. Why not name it something simple, like Brass Knuckles Company, Plastic Knuckles Inc, Brass Knuckles Inc, Knuckledusters Inc, Knuckles Canada or anything else along those lines? That was the original plan, matter of fact we still own the domain (if you click it, it will just redirect you to our Monkey Knuckles site as we have it linked). Or a more Canadian name using a Canadian name, Beaver Knuckles, Moose Knuckles (THIS NAME WAS TAKEN) or Polar Bear Knuckles. Check out this video and it’ll answer most of your questions.

The Monkey Knuckle isn’t just a plastic brass knuckle, it’s a technique, it comes from all sides, it’s unstoppable. It’s a dangerous technique, when you bring out the Monkey Knuckle everybody better step back and give the opposition some room too fall. But all jokes aside Monkey Knuckles just had a ring to it like no other name. It flowed smoothly off the tongue, even smoother than saying brass knuckles or plastic knuckles. It also aroused people’s curiosity, “Monkey Knuckles, hmm….what’s that?” Along with that it’s a very memorable 2-part name that had strong branding potential. Our goal was to make the brand name Monkey Knuckles a household name when referring to plastic knuckles, brass knuckles or knuckledusters in Canada. Just as a tissue is referred to by its brand name of Kleenex, or bandages are referred to as Band-Aids, our carbon fiber and plastic knuckles have now become synonymous with the name Monkey Knuckles. This was our goal all along and through consistent and persistent marketing coupled with powerful branding techniques we’re well on the way to accomplishing it. So now you know why we chose the name Monkey Knuckles, go tell a friend about us and help spread the word!

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