Brass Knuckles in Video Games

Brass Knuckles are an iconic weapon in some of the most popular video games of all time. Blockbuster hits such as the Grand Theft Auto (GTA), Saints Row, and The Godfather series just to name a few. If you’ve played any of the games, it’s clear why brass knuckles were included, they’re fun to use! Check out the clip included below, games like GTA are inherently very violent and provocative, that’s why they’re bestsellers. If senseless violence isn’t your thing, it’s best you skip this video.

This GTA V brass knuckles rampage is just a small glimpse into the world of GTA. With over 5 hit games including GTA III, GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas and GTA IV with 400 million+ copies sold, all which have the iconic brass knuckles as a weapon it’s clear that GTA makes what people like to play. With a heavy focus on stealing, killing, making money and jacking cars it lets players live out a gangster’s fantasy without the dire results. Although there are 100’s of weapons to use in GTA, ranging from knives and pistols all the way to RPG’s and grenades the brass knuckle remains the only fist loaded weapon in the game.

Saints Row BRass Knuckles Store

Next up we have the Saints Row Series, where not only they have brass knuckles as a weapon in the game but the weapons store is also named “BRASS KNUCKLES”. On top of being able to buy brass knuckles from the store in the game you can also buy the store itself, allowing you to generate some passive income! These games play like GTA but focuses a little more on comedy, gangs and having some insane and unrealistic features. Saints row is also a best-selling game with 10 million+ units sold.

The Godfather Video Game with guy holding Brass Knuckles

Widely regarded as one of the best movies of all time, The Godfather deserved a video game, and EA Studios made that happen in 2006. Based on the movie The Godfather game had brass knuckles as a very key weapon in the games. Reason being is that it is widely popular for TV Shows and movies to portray Mobsters using brass knuckles, EA continued to further this image by making Brass Knuckles key to this game and even having missions centred around them. Just like the movie franchise the game franchise has multiple parts. For the release of The Godfather II game EA sent out press kits to journalists across the US, Canada and multiple other countries. These kits were a cigar box which inside included a cigar, brass knuckles, and a metal wire. All items associated with mafioso's. What EA didn’t know was that brass knuckles were illegal in some of the states and countries that they shipped them to. This led to a fiasco because now EA had people in possession of illegal weapons, on top of that you’re not allowed to ship these weapons into or out of these states/countries. EA reps frantically scurried to get these knuckles back into their possession by sending out prepaid return envelopes and asking people to “properly dispose of them”. This wouldn’t have happened if they used Monkey Knuckles instead or just read the Brass Knuckles Blog!

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