Brass Knuckles & Halloween

Halloween and brass knuckles, some of you may have never seen brass knuckles used as an accessory and some of you may have seen it so much that it’s become overplayed, kind of like girls dressing up as cats or boys wearing a bandana and a hat and going as a “gangster”. Among adult’s brass knuckles are a common accessory associated with many costumes, knuckle dusters are present in both men and women’s costumes so it isn’t one sided as you may expect.

Biker with Brass Knuckles Halloween Outfit

One of the most popular costumes featuring brass knuckles as an accessory is of course the famed mafiosos of the 1900’s. As early as 1920 brass knuckles have been associated with the mob and for good reason, it was one of their favourite weapons! This costume is usually an old school mafia style top hat with either a shirt/suspender/dress pants combo or a 3-piece suit. Also frequently accompanying this outfit is a tommy gun, another mafioso favourite. The next one that comes to mind is a biker, big burly with leather vests, bandanas, facial hair, chains hanging off the jeans and some brass knuckles to boot. You can go pretty far with this costume and even rent a Harley Davidson to look the part, so long as you know how to ride it!

Mafioso with Brass Knuckles Halloween Costume

For girls we’ve seen costumes ranging from female mafiosos and bikers all the way to exclusively female costumes such as Harley Quinn and other characters from the Birds of Prey movie. These costumes vary greatly with mafiosos and the bikers being very similar to the male costumes and Harley Quinn style costumes being flashier with makeup and bright coloured clothing.

Harley Quinn Brass Knuckles

Another awesome way to use brass knuckles during Halloween is to use them as pumpkin accessories. Pictured below are some cool pumpkins made by some of our staff showcasing their creativity. The one on the left has some hands to showcase his pair of brass knuckles while the one on the right has eyes made from our Pumpkin Orange Classics.

Pumpkin Holding Brass Knuckles

But arguably the most fun way to use brass knuckles during Halloween is as pumpkin smashers! Although this may occur the day after when you’re ready to dispose of your jack o lanterns and painted pumpkins, it is still considered a Halloween Tradition here at the Monkey Knuckles HQ. It is a show of immense force and brutal power as smashing a pumpkin is no easy task!

Hope you enjoyed the read and that you have a safe Halloween!

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