Are Brass Knuckles Dangerous?

This is the video that comes to our minds every time someone asks us: “Are Brass Knuckles Dangerous?”. The answer we always give is, no, by themselves brass knuckles are not dangerous, contrary to this hilarious video if you leave brass knuckles on a table, they will not harm anyone. If you own a pair of brass or plastic knuckles, they will not go out and assault anyone on their own, they need human help to do that. Much like any household item (knife, baseball bat, etc.) brass knuckles are incapable of bringing harm to anyone unless someone is wielding them. When people begin to misuse them is when problems arise.

This is very similar to the common debates when it comes to banning anything from guns all the way to animals such as dogs (Pitbulls are banned in Ontario). The debate is mostly the same, the pro-ban side makes claims that the guns or dog breed is the problem and is dangerous while the opposing party makes claims that there’s no such thing as a dangerous dog or dangerous gun, just bad owners of the respective items/animals. While both sides make valid points, when it comes to brass knuckles, we’d have to side with the no ban side, brass knuckles aren’t inherently dangerous. They are in reality just chunks of plastic (unless you own Monkey Knuckles which are more akin to a work of art, industrial grade plastics interwoven with the highest quality Carbon Fibers finished with intricate patterns on both sides, just awesome), at least in Canada they are as metal brass knuckles are outlawed. Just as any other item made from plastic whether it’s a children’s toy or a T.V Remote can be used to inflict bodily harm, brass knuckles can also do the same, albeit a little more effectively. But we wouldn’t be calling for the banning of T.V Remotes or kids toys when they’re misused, but plastic knuckles on the other hand would be a different story.

Let us know what you think below, are brass knuckles themselves dangerous, or is it the people that misuse them who are?

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